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Can Foreigners Get Married in Turkey without Residence Permit or Visa?

We mentioned the procedures regarding marriage in our blog post titled “Marriage of Foreigners in Turkey”. Firstly, we would like to point out that only if required conditions are completed and official documents are collected completely, the marriage process of foreigners will begin in Turkey. As a general rule, if the foreign spouse’s marriage relationship continues in a different country, marriage is not allowed in the same way if the Turkish spouse’s marriage relationship continues. As a rule, Turks and foreigners can marry in Turkey, while foreigners and foreigners can also marry. In this article, we will briefly talk about the necessary documents and procedures to be followed in order for foreigners who do not have a residence permit or a valid visa to get married in Turkey.

If You don’t Have Residence Permit or Visa?

We should remember you that as a general practice, marriages are not allowed in marriage offices in Turkey if foreign spouses do not have a valid visa or residence permit. In many offices, this rule is considered a prerequisite and marriage applications of foreigners who do not have a valid residence permit or visa are not accepted. You can apply for marriage if you apply for an extension for your expired residence permits, and if you re-enter Turkey by paying administrative fine in order not to become a deported foreigner if your visa has expired. This rule is valid for all marriage applications where one or both parties are foreigners and is applied throughout the country. In addition, you should make your application to the marriage offices in the city where your address registration is located.

Required Documents for Foreigners for Marriage in Turkey

If the foreign spouse or spouses have a valid residence permit or a visa within its validity period, they can apply to the marriage offices in their city with the following documents.

  • Sworn translation of your residence permit or passport,
  • Birth certificate with sworn translation obtained from the foreigner’s country or consulate,
  • Sworn-translated celibacy certificate from the foreigner’s country or consulate
  • Health report,
  • Your biometric photos

Providing documents as complete will be so important for your application process.

However, the legal validity period of all documents is 6 months in Turkey. If one of your documents is older than 6 months, you must apply for updated documents again. The certificate of celibacy must also include the statement that there is no objection to marriage. Again, according to Turkish laws, people to get married must be 18 years old. Finally, if the couples do not speak Turkish, the marriage application and procedures must be carried out in the presence of a sworn translator during the marriage.

If you have any questions about getting married in Turkey by foreigners without a residence permit or visa, you contact us in the section.

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  1. Hello good day, my fiance is turkish, im coming to turkey this year, my question is what visa will i apply for, in order to get married in turkey. What are the requirements, so i wont be deported. If example im only given a 30 days stay and the schedule of the wedfing will take months. Thank you for your attention.

    1. Hello,
      As you are not married yet, you may only apply for tourist residence permit. Currently most of tourist residence permit applications are being rejected, however if you purchase a property with value of 75.000 USD, you can get a residence permit on basis of real estate property. As soon as you officially get married you have a right to apply for family residence permit.

  2. different country citizen how they ragister there marriage in turkey

  3. Hi

    Im a citizen of European Union and has been in Turkey for some years on tourist resident permit.

    My partner and I have children born in Turkey but we are not married except as religious marriage with an imam who also is a foreigner.

    My partner has residence permit with status of refugee

    I have normal resident permit which I renew every year.

    However I can not renew it again for some time and my visa has expired. I am still in Turkey. If I leave the country I fear that I get a entry ban to Turkey for some years.

    My question is, how can me and my partner get legally married in Turkey, she has a valid kimlik and I have valid passport but expired visa and expired ikama?

    Am I allowed to marry a foreigner in Turkey on expired visa and resident permit? I entered the country legally but I can’t find anything in the law saying that I need to have a valid visa or resident permit in order to get married, if it’s expired.

    Please help me with these questions.

    1. Hello,

      For the list of required documents for marriage process in Turkey, kindly ask you to contact the marriage department of district municipality (Belediye).

      Thank you,

      Are you satisfied with the answers we have given to your questions? ExpatGuideTurkey would like to know your feedback. Please leave a comment on our webpage:

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