Bursa Villagers Opened Meat Market

Villagers in Bursa opened a meat and milk market. With the meat sales market they opened, the villagers both earn good money by selling their own products, and because they eliminate the middleman, the consumer also provides quality meat at an affordable price. Villagers slaughter their animals and sell them here. Thus, by eliminating the intermediaries, the villagers both sell their animals for good money and offer the meat to the consumers at an affordable price.

They Sell 5 Tons of Veal Meat per Month

There is high demand for the meat and dairy products market opened by Tepecik villagers. 5 tons of veal and 20 lambs are sold in the market per month. Due to the increasing demand day by day, the villagers slaughter not only their own animals but also the animals they bought from the surrounding villages and sell them in their markets. In the market, ground beef is sold for 130 liras, and cubed meat for 140 liras. chopped lamb from 150 liras; Chops are offered for sale for 170 liras.

Sales are increasing day by day

Tepecik Village Agricultural Development Cooperative President Nazmi Seymen said, “We sell the animals we buy from our village and the surrounding villages in the market we opened in the district center. We offer quality meat to the citizens at an affordable price. We sell it. We sell 5 tons of beef and 20 lambs per month. In a town with a population of 100 thousand, this sales rate is quite high. There are hundreds of villages in our district, we are the only village that produces meat, and our meat is in high demand in the dairy market. Our sales are increasing day by day. Since the animals in our village are not enough, we also buy animals from the surrounding villages and offer them to our citizens.” The manufacturer is satisfied, the buyer is satisfied,” he said.

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