Bulut Says Goodbye to His Colleagues

The search and rescue dog “Bulut”, who served in the Gendarmerie for 9 years and helped find 18 missing persons, retired with a medal.
Trained as a search and rescue dog by the Gendarmerie General Command when he was only 7 months old, the golden breed “Bulut” participated in various tasks, especially in the search for missing citizens and with the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) teams in Ergan Mountain Ski Center.

“Bulut”, who came to the city in 2020 after his duty in Bolu with Gendarmerie Specialist Sergeant Latif Gulat, who took care of the dog, participated in almost all the missing persons operations throughout the province and supported the gendarmerie teams in finding 18 missing persons.

“Bulut”, who also participated in the events organized for the 183rd anniversary of the establishment of the Gendarmerie in the city, performed with other trained dogs for the last time.

The shows of the bomb search dog “Tatlı”, the mine search dogs “Dize”, “Fiske” and “Ezen” were appreciated with the dogs jumping from the hoop on the sports tracks.

After the performances, “Bulut”‘s medal and gift were brought to the ceremony area by the bomb disposal robot used by explosives disposal experts. Provincial Gendarmerie Deputy Commander Senior Colonel Refik Yılmaz presented the search and rescue dog “Bulut” with his medal.

After the ceremony, the cake cut with the applause of the children was served to “Bulut”.

“Bulut”, who was retired because he turned 10 years old, will continue the rest of his life at the Provincial Gendarmerie Command.

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