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Brodie Moss Visits The Disconnected Tribe

Brodie Moss Visits The Disconnected Tribe

A man named Brodie Moss, a Youtube broadcaster in Australia, visited an unconnected tribe on the island of Kwakéa. Uneasy as he waited for his tribe members to counterattack him, Moss was stunned by the attention the members showed him.

It is very curious how the tribes who are not connected to the world continue their lives. Broadcasting on Youtube in Australia, Moss visited tribal members who are not connected to the world to shed light on this question.


Moss visited the Isle of Kwakéa and uploaded a video of his journey. According to Moss, only a white man named Brett lived on the island, unlike the tribesmen. After the war, he started to live on the island after his grandfather got permission from the local people.

Brodie Moss

In the images shared by Moss, it was seen that the tribe members who saw Brett and another human being for the first time could do anything, so they tried to be careful. The tribesmen, however, on the contrary, greeted them with great enthusiasm. The inhabitants of the island, who took the Youtuber and the cameraman to their camps along the way, danced happily and took the duo to the tribal chief.

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