British Tourists Started Their Travels to Turkey

There Has Been Serious Demand for 4-5 Days, the Planes Are Coming Full

British tourists started their travels to Turkey as of last week. Tourism experts state that the 2022 summer season is a new record for the British.

If It Continues Like This, the 2019 Record Will Be Broken

Making evaluations to Duygu Erdoğan from Milliyet, Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Western Mediterranean Regional Representatives Board Chairman Özgen Uysal said that the British started to land planes at Dalaman Airport as of March 27, and that this situation will continue if it continues. A new record will be set above 2019 figures. said.

We Have Been Receiving Serious Requests for the Last 4-5 Days, the Planes Are Coming in Full

Explaining that there is a serious demand from England, Uysal emphasized that especially Marmaris, Fethiye, Kaş, Kalkan and Göcek are preferred and said, “We have been receiving serious requests for the last 4-5 days. Planes arrive in full and accommodation is made. The British missed us and we missed them. We can say that there will be 200 planes a week in the season. When these are full, there will be 37 thousand passenger landings per week. If there is no big problem, we can look at 2019, which is a normal year, as if we have already passed. Those who come from Europe for the summer season start in May. On the Russian side, hopes are high for the ruble to rise to its pre-war value, but morale is also required, of course. There is already a flight embargo. “We are still optimistic as the talks are accelerating,” he said.

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