Breaking News: Cooperation Message From Eu to Turkey

EU: We are determined to cooperate with Turkey in areas of common interest

The European Union underlined its determination to maintain an open and cordial dialogue with Turkey and to cooperate in areas of common interest such as migration, health, climate, counter-terrorism and regional issues. It was reported that he was pleased with the decrease in tension in the Eastern Mediterranean. In the evaluation, in which it was stated that Turkey should be compatible with the EU in foreign policy, it was stated that “negotiations have come to a standstill”. The EU also condemned Turkey for its stance in Varosha.

Ministers responsible for EU affairs of the member states of the European Union (EU) met in Brussels for the last General Affairs Council meeting of the year.

Ministers made preparations for the EU Leaders’ Summit to be held on 16 December, discussed the EU’s 2022 agenda items and evaluated the latest situation regarding the enlargement of the Union.

In the final statement published after the meeting, evaluations about Turkey were also included.

Reminding that the EU wants to develop a cooperation and mutually beneficial relationship with Turkey, the statement said, “Turkey maintains its status as a candidate country and continues to be a key partner in many areas of common interest.” it was said. has been told.

In its statement, the European Council expressed its satisfaction with the decrease in tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, emphasizing the importance of its continuation, and reminded that the EU is ready to establish a gradual, proportional and reversible relationship with Turkey in common areas. interest.

The following statements were included in the statement:

“The Council is committed to maintaining an open and cordial dialogue, addressing common issues and cooperating in areas of common interest, such as migration, public health, climate, counter-terrorism and regional issues.”

Expressing his satisfaction with the recent High Level Dialogues in some of these areas and Turkey’s ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement, the following statements were conveyed:

“The Council appreciates Turkey’s continued significant efforts to host and meet the needs of nearly 4 million refugees. EU assistance to refugees and host communities will be delivered on time.”

In the statement, it was stated that the EU-Turkey migration agreement continues to yield results, and called on Turkey, including the Greek Cypriot Administration, for the full and non-discriminatory implementation of the agreement.

In the statement, which was criticized on issues such as democracy, rule of law, freedom of expression and independence of the judiciary, concerns about the course of the country’s market economy were also addressed.


The following statements were included in the statement, which also touched on the subject of Maraş:

“The Council condemns Turkey’s unilateral actions on Varosha that are contrary to UN Security Council resolutions. It reminds the importance of Varosha’s status and the need to fully respect UN Security Council resolutions, particularly 550, 789 and 1251. demands that all steps taken to the side be reversed.”

The EU Commission and the EU Foreign Relations Service had prepared an ‘option paper’ on the steps to be taken against Turkey regarding Varosha, but a senior EU official told reporters, “The ministers will decide what they decide on. Focus or not at all. “We will see how the process will progress after the ministerial meeting.” said.

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