Boncuklu Bay

Boncuklu Bay

It is a destination connected to the Fethiye district of Mugla, which gives people peace with its nature, where there is not much untouched construction. Boncuklu Bay is a bay in Fethiye’s Keçiler town. The beaches of the bays are stony. There are no sandy beaches. Taking this into consideration, it is useful to take sea shoes with you. You can enjoy the nature by looking at the blue sea in the shade of yellow pines.

Boncuklu Bay, which you can reach by road and sea, is divided into 2. Big Boncuklu Bay and Small Boncuklu Bay. But the place known as Boncuklu Bay is the Big Boncuklu bay. If you go by road, at the entrance of the peninsula, on the west road, Small Boncuklu Bay welcomes you. When you continue on the same road, you reach Big Boncuklu Bay.

Boncuklu Bay can enter the top 10 list of the cleanest seas in Turkey will. The temperature of the sea, its calmness and its cleanliness are really excellent. I think it is a sea where you can enjoy and swim. You can dive, don’t forget to bring your goggles and snorkel with you, you may regret not taking it. You should enjoy the Boncuklu Bay. It is a bay with many sea creatures. Especially it is a bay where you can see different fish species together. You can enjoy the blue and green by taking a little walk in the forest. You can have a picnic by barbecue in a controlled manner in the wooded area behind the beach. it is a great place for picnic lovers. It is a place where great photos can be taken, especially a destination where beautiful images can be captured in the sea with an action camera. It is a bay where you can watch the sunset with pleasure.

Boat tours are organized to Boncuklu Bay. Boat tours departing from the center of Fethiye reach Boncuklu Bay, which is about 4 kilo meters away. If you want to go by sea tour, you can contact the boat companies in Fethiye central port.


The bay is located in Mugla. You can reach it by buses or sea buses departing from the center.


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