Bomb Exploded in Taksim Istiklal Street: There are Deads and Wounded

A bomb exploded in Istanbul. Taksim Istiklal Street, one of the most crowded locations in Istanbul. Governor Ali Yerlikaya said, “There are casualties and injured people.”

Bomb Exploded in Istiklal Street

Bomb Exploded in Istanbul

An explosion occurred on Istiklal Street in Beyoglu district of Istanbul at 16.13 pm. Many medical and police teams were dispatched to the area.

The sound of the explosion was heard in Beşiktaş and Şişli, while citizens walking on the street were seen running away.

Bomb exploded in Istanbul

Istiklal Street was closed by the police for entrances and exits. People who were on the street during the explosion were evacuated from the area.

The windows of many businesses on the street were shattered. Shocked by the explosion, citizens took shelter in nearby shops.

Statement From the Governor’s Office

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said, “Today, at around 16.20, an explosion occurred on Taksim Istiklal Street in Beyoğlu district. Our security, health, fire brigade and AFAD teams were dispatched to the scene. There are casualties and injured people. Developments will be shared with the public.”

At Least 15 Wounded Brought to Hospital

At least 15 wounded people were brought to Taksim First Aid Hospital.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu said, “It is essential to help our police and health teams and to stay away from posts that may cause fear and panic. All relevant teams are in the region, we will provide healthy information.”


Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation into the explosion on Istiklal Street.

5 Public Prosecutors have been assigned to the investigation. In addition, Istanbul Criminal Judgeship of Peace issued a broadcast ban on all visual and audio news and social networking sites related to the explosion.

In the statement made by the Radio and Television Supreme Council, “A broadcast ban has been imposed regarding the explosion in Istanbul. It is brought to the attention of all our media organizations.”

Update 1 about Bomb Exploded in Istanbul:

It is alleged that this is the person who carried out the action, but we are not sure if this is true or not.

Bomb exploded in istanbul

The latest information is that there are 6 dead and 81 wounded.

Update 2:

Minister Bozdağ shared the details of the bomb attack on Istiklal Street:

“A woman sits on a bench for about 45 minutes, some time after she gets up there is an explosion. There are two possibilities. Either the bag or the bag has a device in it and it explodes on its own, or someone detonates it remotely. All of these are being investigated right now. A lot of provocative news is circulating. It would be beneficial not to rely on unfounded and misleading news. Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has started an investigation. The perpetrators of this incident are of course accountable. It is an attack against Turkey’s credibility, peace and unity.”

Update 3:


In the explosion on Istiklal Street; Arzu Özsoy and his daughter Yağmur Uçar, Yusuf Meydan and his daughter Ecrin Meydan, Adem Topkara and his wife Mukaddes Elif Topkara lost their lives.


Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced that 50 people injured in the bomb attack on Beyoğlu Istiklal Street were discharged after their treatment was completed, and that 31 injured were still being treated.


Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said that the person who dropped the bomb was detained. Soylu said, “The person who did the incident and dropped the bomb was detained by the teams of our Istanbul Police Department. Before that, about 21 more people had been detained. I am especially grateful to my friends who made an effort in this regard. Because they also gave their statements about where they would go if they were not caught. This is the clearest expression of what kind of operation we are faced with. The face of terrorism is bitter. PKK/PYD terrorist organization within the framework of our findings. I say it again. In the near future, we will show the people who made us suffer this pain then in Beyoğlu Istiklal Street, a response where they can experience more and more pain. May the souls of our martyrs rest in peace. May their place be heaven. Condolences to their families, relatives, friends and our nation,” he said.


Photographs of the arrest of the suspect who made the explosion were published.

During the interrogation of Ahlam Albashir, a Syrian national, it was learned that she was trained as a special intelligence officer by the PKK/PYD/YPG terrorist organization and that she had entered Turkey illegally through Afrin-Idlib to take action.

Of those who lost their lives in the attack on Istiklal Street;
3-year-old Ecrin died with her father.

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