Bitlis’ Historical Buildings Are Coming To Light One By One

Historical structures of Bitlis come to light one by one In Bitlis, which has hosted many civilizations with its 7,000-year-old history, historical structures that have been lost under some structures built in and around the stream in recent years have been unearthed.

Historical buildings

Bitlis’ historical buildings are coming to light one by one

In Bitlis, which has been home to many civilizations with a history of approximately 7,000 years, historical structures that have been lost under some structures built in and around the stream in recent years have been unearthed. After the demolition carried out within the scope of the ‘ project, dozens of historical buildings came to light. Within the scope of the project, which was started to bring the historical texture to the fore and the city to breathe, the bridges, especially under the demolished workplaces, reappeared, preserving their first day’s splendor. In addition, hundreds of years old artifacts such as castles, baths and mosques, which remained behind reinforced concrete structures such as bridges under the buildings, were also unearthed.

Historical buildings

Pasha Bath and Behiye Mosque

Bitlis Governor Oktay Cagatay stated that when the project is completed, he will make Bitlis a center of attraction as it was in the past, and said, “We will introduce Bitlis to the whole of Turkey and to the world. The historical bridge, Pasha Bath and Behiye Mosque have come to light. Very old historical buildings in Bitlis. There are 2500 1 year old castle and dozens of historical artifacts just below the castle in the middle of the city, for example Hazo Han, 1400 years old Goodwill, Square and All of them have historical features and beauties. At the same time, we are completely restoring Bitlis Stream, starting from Kazim Pasa Primary School. 1300 meters We decorate this long creek with stone walls and build a national building. A garden right above it. Let our children have a playground in the public garden. There will be water shows. It will be a resting place for our citizens, there will be terraces, a magnificent decoration that reveals the magnificent greeting of Bitlis. The historical identity will be one skin. “We will host all our citizens here. We will introduce Bitlis to Turkey and the world,” he said.

Historical buildings
Photograph: Ozcan Ciris/Bitlis-DHA

Gift to All Turke

Adding that they plan to complete the underwater rehabilitation works on it and the national garden on it by the end of the year, Governor Cagatay said, “Last year there was destruction. The zoning works that started in April also started. We are finishing it. Our Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change is also following it very closely.” Hopefully by the end of the year we will get this place with instructions. We will present the magnificent identity of Bitlis to all of Turkey,” he said.

Historical buildings

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