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Birth Control Pill for Men!

Scientists at the University of Minnesota, one of the leading institutions in the USA, announced that the birth control method that can be used by men has positive results on animals. According to the news in Sözcü Newspaper, the remarkable statement about the birth control pill that men can use came from the USA. It was stated that up to 99 percent success was achieved in the tests of the drug on animals, and it was stated that the second phase of the trials could be started.

Birth Control Pill Studies for Men Ended!

While scientists focused their studies on the birth control pill that men can use, a remarkable statement came from the USA.

Stating that this rate is at the same level as the birth control pills used by women, experts said, “We can start testing this pill in humans within two months. Clinical tests can begin in July.” “Four to 6 weeks after stopping the drug, the mouse was able to reproduce again,” the scientists said. Experts stated that no side effects were observed in the test results, while a problem such as weight gain was not detected. Gunda Georg said, “These studies showed the desired effect and also proved that the subjects remained healthy. Of course, one has to be careful when analyzing these results because these are not mice and humans, they may be different results but I would say. Say the effect of this drug is very, very promising.”

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