Billionaires Aren’t Getting Wiser: A Titanic Bigger Than the Original is Under Construction!

No matter how disastrous the Titanic adventures of billionaires end, nothing changes. A new Titanic is under construction. Here are the details!

Exactly 111 years ago, the Titanic hit an iceberg and almost the world’s biggest maritime disaster occurred. The disaster, which has lasted for centuries, was also adapted into a movie.

Last year, the whole world stood up with a new Titanic disaster. A company called OceanGate Expeditions took tourists on a tour to the wreckage of the ship with a vehicle called Titan, which ended in disaster.

There was no access to the vehicle for days and search and rescue teams were put on duty. Unfortunately, the search ended in disaster. It was reported that the vehicle exploded and the billionaires in the vehicle lost their lives.

All these events we have mentioned are unfortunately not enough to stop billionaires in other parts of the world. Now Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has decided to build a new Titanic.

A Second Titanic Ship Will Be Built

Billionaire businessman Palmer said that the ship to be built will be higher and bigger. It is known that the first announcement of the ship to be named Titanic II was made in 2012 and work started in 2018. However, this initiative could not continue due to COVID.

Stating that work has started for its reconstruction, Palmer draws attention with his statements: “Building the Titanic is a lot more fun than sitting at home counting my money.”

The ship, which is scheduled to make its maiden voyage in June 2027, will have a ballroom, swimming pool and bathhouse. It will have an interior design and cabin layout similar to the original Titanic.

At the same time, half of the 835 cabins on board will have a 1900s concept. In this section reserved for first class passengers, they will be dressed according to that period. Third class passengers will continue their journey with casseroles, mash and different food treats at long tables in the common dining room, just like on the first Titanic.

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