Bill Gates: Artificial Intelligence Could End Companies Like Google And Amazon

Speaking at a conference on Artificial Intelligence in San Francisco, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates said that this technology could bring the end of companies like Google and Amazon.

Gates argued that the company that will develop a personal digital assistant that can perform some tasks for humans will most likely win the AI race.

The billionaire businessman stated that this technology could radically change the behavior of users:

“Whoever wins personal assistant is going to be a big thing. Because you will never go to a search engine again. You’ll never go to Amazon again.”

Gates argued that the AI assistant will be able to understand users’ needs and habits, and learn what there is no time to read.

The tech billionaire emphasized that while giant companies can win in the race for artificial intelligence, startups can also prevail.

Noting that it will take some time before the digital assistant is available to everyone, Gates said that in the meantime, companies will continue to adapt ChatGPT-like software to their own products.

Gates, one of the world’s richest men, argued that AI technology that produces good texts could affect white-collar workers.

Gates added that he believes humanoid robots, which will be cheaper than human workers in the future, will affect blue-collar workers.

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