Besiktas Football Club (Beşiktaş)

Football fans will be interested in watching the development of football teams in Turkey. After all, football is so popular in this country that many Turkish people get tattoos with the name of their favorite team.

Today we will talk about the well-known Besiktas team. Together with the Turkish teams Galatasaray and Fenerbahce, this team creates the “Big Three” of Turkish football.

Besiktas (tur. Beşiktaş Profesyonel Futbol Takımı) is a Turkish professional football club, which is part of the Besiktas sports association, and is based in the Istanbul area, near the Bosphorus, near the Dolmabahce Palace.

Besiktas is the only Turkish club that includes only Turkish peoples who have represented the nation as a national team at the international level.

The Besiktas team is a 16-time Turkish football champion.

The date of foundation of the Besiktas football club (Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü or BJK) is March 1903.

Team Contact Information

Official website: The site is presented in two languages: Turkish (national) and English.

The official page of Besiktas on the social network Facebook:

Besiktas on Twitter:

Besiktas video channel on YouTube: .

The History of the Besiktas Club

Bereket Jimnastik Club (originally the club had a different name) it was founded in 1903 with the special permission of the authorities. With the arrival of the constitutional monarchy in the country in 1908, restrictions on sports were significantly weakened. After the political events of March 31, 1909, Fuat Balkan and Mazhar Kazanji arrived in Istanbul from Edirne with the Army of the Ottoman Movement. When order in politics was restored, Fuat Balkan, a competent and experienced fencing coach, and Mazhar Kazanji, an excellent wrestler and weightlifter, gathered young guys and convinced them to train together.

The first Besiktas players included Resul (Resul), Ridvan (Rıdvan), Behzat (Behzat), Sabri (Doktor Sabri), Kazim (poet) (Şair Kazım), Sadi (Sadi), Mehmet (doctor) (Doktor Mehmet), Asim (Asım), Sheref (Şeref), Ali (Doktor Ali) and Fahri Fahri).

The Legend of the “Black Eagles”

If you decide to walk to the Besiktas stadium (VODAFONE ARENA), then you will immediately notice a black eagle on the steps. And I immediately want to ask why the eagle? It turns out that the team has its own legend, why it is so called.

The team received the name “Black Eagles” on January 19, 1941.

The team started this season with a large number of young people in the squad who wanted to win at all costs.During the already almost won match, the silence in the stands of the stadium was cut by a shout — “Go ahead, black eagles! Attack, black eagles!”. So, for his part, the fisherman Mehmet Djalin decided to encourage the team that was not slowing down. Besiktas literally “tore” everyone that season, so it was impossible to come up with a more accurate description for their game. The match ended with the victory of Besiktas with a score of 6:0.

After that, the press and football fans began to call the team the “black eagles”, and their football was compared with the “eagle attack”. The team was pleased with this nickname and from that moment it was approved.

Club Emblem

Besiktas Football Club

The team’s coat of arms displays the date of its foundation. The emblem has 2 white and 3 black stripes, consists of 9 parts. The first white stripe is the digit 1, the black ones are the digit 3, another white one is again 1, and the last digit 9 is symbolized by just 9 parts of the emblem. If we add all the characters together, we get the date 1319. Many people, when they hear this information for the first time, think that this is a mistake. In fact, there is logic in this. During the reign of the Ottoman dynasty, the Arabic calendar was used, in which the year 1319 is the modern 1903.

The flag of the state appeared on the Besiktas logo much later than the date of creation. The team received the opportunity to depict him on the emblem as a reward from the Turkish Football Federation in 1952. This happened after all the players, without exception, joined the national football team and performed at the championship against the Greek national team. Interestingly, no other Turkish football club has been awarded such an honor.

Vodafone Arena (home arena of Besiktas Football Club)

Initially, the club’s home arena was Inönü Stadium, which was opened in 1947.

The site was designed by architects Vietti Violi, Şinasi Şahingiray and Fazil Aisy. The opening ceremony on May 19, 1947 was attended by the second President of Turkey Ishemn Innunem and the Governor of Istanbul Lutfi Kidarr.

In November 2013, Besiktas said goodbye to the BJK Inönü stadium, and since that date, active construction work of the new Vodafone Arena sports arena, sponsored in part by the Vodafone operator, has started.

This is the first “smart” stadium that has the latest equipment and meets modern needs. The stadium also offers views of the Bosphorus Strait.

The new stadium is used not only for football matches, but also for music festivals. It’s all about the unique sound provided by specially installed equipment.

Football fans need to visit the Besiktas Museum or join a tour of the VODAFONE Stadium in Istanbul.

Besiktas Museum

If you want to learn more about the history of the formation of the Besiktas team, the first football players, matches and plunge into the history of football, we recommend visiting the Besiktas Museum.

The museum’s opening hours depend on the month of the year.

In the period from May to October, the museum is open from 10.00-18.00

In the period from June to September, the museum is open from 10.00-19.00

The museum is closed on Mondays, the first days of Bayramov, January 1 and match days.

The cost of visiting the museum

  • Adult ticket — 25 liras
  • Children’s ticket (6-14 years old) — 15 liras
  • Children under 6 years old are free.

Vodafone Arena Stadium Tour

You can look at the new stadium without game, feel like fans, be in the role of a football player on an excursion to the Vodafone Arena.

During the tour, guests can visit the Hall of fame, where the cups are stored, feel the stadium without fans, sit on the bench of the reserve players.

All corridors of the hall are decorated in the colors of the Besiktas team, so it is impossible not to feel the spirit of the team and the football arena.

The cost of the excursion Sheriff Bay tour:

  • Ticket for an adult — 25 liras
  • Discounted ticket for children 6-14 years old, citizens over 65 years old — 15 liras
  • Children under 6 years old – admission is free.
  • For FIFA and TFF card holders, admission is free.

You can also purchase a combo ticket, including a tour of the stadium and a visit to the Besiktas Museum:

  • The full cost of an adult ticket is 35 liras
  • Discounted ticket for children 6-14 years old, adults over 65 years old — 25 liras
  • Children under 6 years old have free admission.
  • FIFA and TFF card holders – admission is free.

Besiktas is the third most popular team in Istanbul and Turkey (after Galatasaray and Fenerbahce). According to polls, the Black Eagles are supported by 12% to 18% of the country’s fans. Numerous groups of Besiktas fans from other cities come to the team’s matches. Like all Turkish fans, the club’s fans are famous for their loud support.

If you are in Turkey and it is not possible to attend the match, we recommend that you definitely visit the museum and stadium for an excursion.

You can read this article in Russian Language: Футбольный клуб Бешикташ (Beşiktaş)

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