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Barbie Movie Causes Pink Color Scarcity in the World

Barbie Movie Causes Pink Color Scarcity in the World

The world went pink because of the Barbie movie. Details are here!

Less than two months left until the release of the Barbie movie, which has shared a few special images and trailers so far. The most striking part of the movie starring Margot Robbie is the excessive use of the color pink.

Even though the color pink comes to mind when talking about Barbie, the use of pink color in the movie is a bit(!) exaggerated. In fact, according to the director of the film, so much pink paint was used that it caused a worldwide famine.

Barbie Movie

How Does the Pink Paint End?

The film’s director, Greta Gerwig, wanted to create a custom environment for the characters rather than using CGI. For this, he asked the production team to paint everything by hand. Thus, the full-size version of Barbie’s Dream House was created.

Greta Gerwig explained the importance of the color pink in the film at this point as follows:

“I wanted the pinks to be very bright and everything to be almost too much. I didn’t want to forget what made me love Barbie when I was a little girl”

Gerwig wanted to capture the artificial and plastic image of Barbie and make everything in the movie touchable. For this, Rosco used a certain fluorescent shade of most of his pink paints.

So much so that this situation led to a shortage of pink all over the world. “The pink of the world is over,” said the film’s director, laughing at this. interpreted as.

The highly anticipated movie will be released in our country on July 21. If you haven’t watched the trailer of the Barbie movie lately, you can check it out below.

Thinking of going to a Barbie movie? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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