Babysitting Is the Most Wanted Worker Group in Istanbul!

It has been claimed that it has become difficult to find a babysitter in Istanbul recently. With the effect of the pandemic, the number of foreign caregivers has decreased and Turkish caregivers are not preferred because they do not want to stay overnight. In addition, rising prices with the exchange rate made it difficult to find a babysitter. It was stated that the salary of babysitters is currently up to 20 thousand liras, but most of the babysitters cannot work due to the incompatibility of the conditions.

It has been difficult to find a babysitter in Istanbul lately. Due to the pandemic, families are seeking caregivers, but often foreign caregivers stay overnight. There was a serious deficit in the sector due to Turkish caregivers not staying overnight. With the effect of the pandemic and the exchange rate, the salaries of caregivers have increased in recent months, reaching the range of 6-7 thousand TL to 20 thousand TL.

Philippine Carers Stand Out

The must-haves in the Filipino caregiver field are teaching English, giving the child a second language, and boarding. Because they are calm, soft and disciplined people, Filipinos can work in long-term communication with children. All these criteria are preferred for families.

Price Increases Due to Experience

Caregivers are determined according to the expectations of the families. The age limit is usually between 25 and 45 years old. There is a section that asks for a foreign language, there is a section that says only that the child should be well and healthy, full of love. There are expectations that staff are more trained in child care and that they can contribute something to the child. Staff who study child development are only concerned with the child, the layout of his room, his eating, drinking and preparation for kindergarten. There are only high school graduates with previous experience, reference and experience as a babysitter. It is chosen according to the expectations of the family. Families who do not want to send their children to kindergarten due to the pandemic want to employ a kindergarten teacher at home. If you want a trained caregiver, there are hostelers with a higher price, between 8-15 thousand TL. Even if it is very little, the prices of day-trippers vary according to their education level, references and experience.

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