Aydin Museum

Aydin Museum

Aydın Archeology Museum, which was planned to exhibit the archaeological cultural heritage uncovered as a result of scientific excavations within the borders of Aydın Province, was established on the Aydın-Denizli highway on an area of 15.769 square meters with a contemporary museum understanding. Aydın Museum was established in a room of Zafer Primary School in 1959 and museum services were carried out there for a long time. After 1973, this service started to be provided in the new museum building. Aydın archeology and ethnography museum has acquired rich collections with the works coming from Aydın center and its districts over time. The museum building is located in a large garden. In the garden, stone works belonging to various periods from ancient cities such as Tralleis, Magnesia, Alinda, Alabanda, Nysa, Amyzon, Piginda, Harpasa, Myus, Pygela, Orthosia, Mastaura etc., located within the borders of Aydın Province, are exhibited. These works consist of sculptures, sarcophagi, column and column heads, altars, tomb steles, Islamic tombstones, milestones, inscribed and embossed steles and various architectural pieces. In the museum halls, the exhibition consists of 3 sections.

 Archeology Section, Coin Section, Ethnographic Artifact Section Archeology Hall In the Archeology section, the artifacts are displayed in chronological order. In the museum, it is possible to see the best examples of the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods as well as prehistoric works. These are hand axes, cutting and piercing tools, idols, spindle whorls, terracotta ceramic samples, oil lamps, masks and statuettes, glass objects, jewelery made of gold, silver and bronze, medical tools, makeup materials and weapons. In addition, some of the most beautiful examples of Hellenistic Period Tralleis sculpting: Athena bust, Nike statue, Satyr statue, various sculptures and reliefs decorate the archeology halls. Numerous terracotta, oil lamps, unguentariums and toy figurines obtained during rescue excavations in the Tralleis necropolis constitute a special collection. Coin Hall, In this section, gold, silver, copper and bronze coins belonging to various periods such as Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman are exhibited.


The museum is located in the district of Efeler of Aydın. You can use the public transportation to reach the museum.

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