Avsa Island

Avsa Island

Avşa Island is affiliated to Balıkesir Province, Marmara Adalar Municipality. It is an extension of the Kapıdağ Peninsula and its population is around 3500 in the winter months and 130 thousand in the summer months. The island is the 3rd largest island in the Sea of Marmara with a size of 7 km by 4 km. The island is surrounded by beautiful bays and beaches. Avşa Island center consists of three neighborhoods. Avşa and Avşa Island Yiğitler Village, which are considered to be the center, are popular settlements. Actually, the name of Avşa and Deniz districts is not much heard since they are united and Deniz district is known as Avşa. As Avşa became popular among holiday resorts, it became a holiday center and the people of the region turned their homes into pensions and turned them into a tourism facility. The construction of new hotels, cottages and apartments is continuing in the region. Especially Yiğitler Mahallesi is famous for its pool hotels. The people of the region earn their living from agriculture and tourism. Grape and olive cultivation is at the forefront as an agricultural product. Accordingly, wine production and olive oil production are also carried out in Avşa. Especially in wine, Avşa Island has become known.

Avşa Island is a holiday center surrounded by wonderful bays. The island has both tranquility and entertainment together. Avşa part of the island is famous for its entertainment centers with discos and bars. At the same time, Avşa Yiğitler Village is a complete peace center for those looking for calm.


 The former name of Avşa Island, which is 11 km from the district center and 155 km from the city center, is Türkeli. It was changed and named Avşa in 2005. This name comes from the name “Afissia” used in the time of the Greeks. There are dozens of hotels in the concept of Ada hotels and more than 200 affordable pensions in Avşa. From Erdek, it is possible to travel in 1 hour 30 minutes by car ship from Gestaş and 45 minutes by fast sea bus Budo. Guests who are headed to Istanbul can go to Avşa in 2 hours 30 minutes with IDO expeditions in summer, and 3 hours from Tekirdağ by sea ferry.

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