Attention Netflix Subscribers: Your Subscription Can Be Suspended Anytime!

Subscriptions of users who do not change their payment method on Netflix can be stopped at any time. But what is the reason for this? Here are the details!

A new information was shared that will mobilize Netflix subscribers. Subscriptions that have been using Netflix for a long time and making payments through Apple may be interrupted at any moment.

Netflix, which will completely sever its ties with the billing system of Apple’s App Store app store, shared new information on its support page. Previously, people who paid their Netflix subscriptions through Apple could continue this process, but new subscribers could not benefit from this opportunity.

However, looking at the information shared, this will no longer be exclusive to new subscribers. Old users also have to change the payment method of their subscriptions.

Your Netflix Account Can Close At Any Time

Netflix has begun notifying people who currently pay for their subscription through Apple that they need to change their payment method in order to continue using Netflix services, The Streamable reports.

The support section on Netflix’s website also acknowledges this change and includes the following note: “Some Apple postpaid members in certain countries may be asked to add a new payment method to continue their subscription.”

It is not yet known whether this update applies to all countries. However, the above note is currently only available in the support section of the US website.

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