Astronomers Confused: Biggest Explosion Observed in the Universe

Astronomers Confused: Biggest Explosion Observed in the Universe

Astronomers have recently detected the largest explosion in the universe. Details are here!

The biggest explosion in the universe was discovered recently. With the increase in studies on supernovae in recent years, astronomers have the chance to observe much larger explosions.

The supernova explosion, called AT2021lwx, shed 10 times more light than the brightest thing observed in the universe. Although supernova explosions usually end within a few months, the newly discovered explosion is thought to be observable for years.

Occurred Due to Black Hole

Biggest Explosion Observed in the Universe

It is not exactly known why the explosion occurred at a point 8 billion light-years from Earth. But when it does, and for now, it’s the brightest spot in the universe.

According to the theory of astronomers, a gas cloud located very close to the black hole caused an explosion and shock wave that can be seen throughout the universe when it came to the edge of the black hole’s event horizon.

“These events, although extremely rare, can be energetic enough to be an important part of how galaxy centers change over time,” said researcher Philip Wiseman. aforementioned.

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