ASPİLSAN Installed Solar Panels in AFAD Camp!

Aspilsan installed a solar panel hybrid system in the AFAD camp in Kahramanmaras. In this way, energy will be provided to 850 tents.

After the earthquakes felt in 10 provinces centered in Kahramanmaras, electricity problems were experienced in the region. ASPİLSAN will provide energy to earthquake tent camps established by AFAD. According to the statement made on the company’s Twitter account, a solar panel hybrid EDS system was installed in Atatürk Park in Kahramanmaras.

ASPİLSAN Places Solar Panels in Kahramanmaras

ASPİLSAN started to install solar panel hybrid systems in certain areas for earthquake victims in Kahramanmaras. Stating that it will provide energy to the 850 tent AFAD camp, the company did not let the earthquake victims down. It was stated that this system in Atatürk Park will meet the energy and partial lighting needs of communication and medical devices, e-mobility equipment.

In the statement made on the subject, it was said, “We have installed our solar panel hybrid eds system to meet the energy and partial lighting needs of our earthquake victims in the 850-tent AFAD camp, established in Atatürk Park in Kahramanmaras, in the fastest way possible.”

The company is expected to provide various energy opportunities to disaster areas in other provinces. However, it should be noted that at the first stage, it supported the 850-tent AFAD camp in Kahramanmaras.

ASPİLSAN is among the companies with the highest localization rate. 98% of its shares are held by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. In the battery field, Europe’s first cylindrical lithium-ion battery facility was launched by ASPİLSAN last summer.

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