Aspendos Amphitheatre : The Heart of Ancient Rome

Aspendos Amphitheatre is an iconic historical center of Ancient Roman times. It is an ancient theater that has survived to the present day, although it has been about 2000 years since it was built. Its architect is Zenon from Aspendos. It is in the Belkıs Village of Antalya and was built during the Romans period. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this important historical structure in Turkey.

First of all, the history of Aspendos tells a story for its visitors. Aspendos is an ancient city famous for its amphitheater located in Belkıs village in Serik district of Antalya province. Aspendos, 8 kilometers east of Serik district, where Köprüçayı reaches the plain from the mountainous region. It was founded by the Achaeans in the BC 10th century and is one of the prosperous rich cities of the ancient period. It was built by the Romans in the AC 2nd century. The city is built on two hills, one big and one small. The most important feature of the theater is acoustic. So much so that the sounds coming out of a musical instrument played on stage have an acoustics that can be heard even at the top. Concerts are still held in this historical place by some artists today.

Architectural Features

Aspendos Theater is a building that reflects the characteristics of Ancient Roman architecture. The ancient city, the small part leaning on the hillside and the flat arches, reflect the characteristics of the Roman period architecture. Some parts of the theater were repaired and made smoother. Marble used in seating and coverings has ensured that the historical building has survived to the present day. The stage building, which is long and narrow, did not detract from its original height. The horizontally extending stage structure was built as multiple floors. Aspendos Theater, which has 5 doors and the door used by the artists, shows the feature of a structure with a large number of doors together with smaller doors.


The ruler of the city of Aspendos thinks that his beautiful daughter has reached the age of marriage. He will marry his daughter to the person who does the most beneficial works for the city. The two architects stand out from the others with their works. One builds the still studied aqueducts of Aspendos. The other is the theatre, which is still used today. The king thinks that the architect who built the aqueducts bringing water from miles away deserves his daughter. It has met the most important need of the city. His daughter should marry this architect. The beautiful girl with an artistic spirit begs her father; Daddy, let’s see the theater one more time, make your decision accordingly. Father and daughter go to the theater. They go to the top and wander around and argue where the vaulted gallery is. They are trying to persuade each other. Meanwhile, the architect of the theater came to the orchestra and was talking to himself, unaware of the king and his daughter. “The king’s daughter must be mine, the king’s daughter must be mine”. Unaware of the arrival of the architect, the father and daughter, who are arguing, also hear this voice. When they turn their heads, a man in the orchestra below hums as he walks around with his hands behind his back and his head bowed :” The king’s daughter must be mine, the king’s daughter must be mine”. The king now understood what the architect who built the theater had accomplished. The architect who could give this acoustics could achieve anything. His daughter was right. Their wedding was held in the theater.


Aspendos Ancient City is located in Belkıs village of Serik district, 47 km from Antalya Center. If we were to give directions to Aspendos: While driving from Antalya in the direction of Alanya road, we pass the Serik district for 5 km. When you turn from the Aspendos sign that comes in front of you and proceed for about 4 km, you will see it. Click to see its location on the map.

Aspendos Ancient City is open to visitors every day of the week, and the closing hours vary according to summer and winter periods.

Visiting hours from April 1 to October 31:
Opening Time: 08:00
Closing Time: 19:00

Visiting hours from 31 October to 1 April:
Opening Time: 08:30
Closing Time: 17:30

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