Artvin Karagöl Is Beautiful In All Four Seasons: Here Are Those Shots!

Karagöl Nature Park, which has a different beauty in four seasons in Borçka district, fascinates those who come to the region.

Borçka Karagöl Nature Park in Artvin continues to fascinate those who see it.

Karagöl, which has different beauties in every season, is located on the way to Camili, Turkey’s only biosphere reserve area and attracts attention with its 368 hectares.

Borçka Karagöl Nature Park is among the indispensable places for photography and nature lovers with its unique nature covered with valleys and forests.

Frequented By Foreign Tourists

In Karagöl, which has been frequently visited by local and foreign tourists in recent years with its nature and geographical beauties, the reflection of the trees on the lake surface, which take on dozens of shades of green in summer and yellow, orange and red in autumn, also creates postcard-like images.

Those who want to get away from the city noise and get fresh air set up tents and camp in Karagöl, which they prefer for weekend vacations. Visitors hike and picnic, and enjoy the lake with boats.

On the other hand, spring, summer, fall and winter seasons met in the same frame as a result of the drone shots taken by İhlas News Agency reporter in Karagöl in different seasons throughout the year.

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