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“Artificial intelligence will teach children to read and write in 18 months”

“Artificial intelligence will teach children to read and write in 18 months”

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, which invested $10 billion in the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, announced that this technology could soon be used to teach students. Emphasizing that artificial intelligence will have the same abilities as a teacher in 18 months, Gates said that chatbots can teach students to read and write. The 67-year-old billionaire stated that this will contribute to equal opportunities for children, especially in poor countries.

According to SU Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, artificial intelligence chatbots will reach the level of teaching children to read and write in the next 18 months.

“Artificial intelligence will have the ability to be as good a teacher as any human can be,” Gates said at the ASU+GSV Summit held in San Diego, USA. used expressions.

However, artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT, in which Microsoft invested 10 billion dollars, and Bard, developed by Google, have developed rapidly in recent months and can now compete with human-level intelligence in some tests.

Artificial intelligence

Writing skills have traditionally been difficult to teach, Gates said, as computers lack the cognitive ability to mimic human thought processes. However, Gates explained that artificial intelligence chatbots can recognize and reproduce human-like language.

Artificial intelligence

Stating that artificial intelligence should develop in order to be an efficient teacher, Gates added that chatbots can be used to better motivate students.

Artificial intelligence


On the other hand, Gates added that he is confident that artificial intelligence technology that can teach children to read and write will develop in the next 18 months, and that this will create great opportunities for children who cannot reach education opportunities in the region.

Artificial intelligence

Gates emphasized that he believes chatbots, which are available for free, will be more affordable and accessible than taking one-on-one lessons with a human teacher.

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