Artificial Intelligence Is Coming To İphones

The iPhone models that will receive Apple's new operating system update, iOS 18, have been revealed.

Apple will reportedly release the ‘biggest’ iOS update in the company’s history, which is expected to include new AI-powered features for iPhone.

The company will announce iOS 18 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June and roll it out with the new iPhones in September.

The update will bring Siri, music apps and artificial intelligence features surrounding the Xcode software to iPhones.

iPhone models expected to receive iOS 18

It has been suggested that all iPhone models that support iOS 17 could be updated to iOS 18.

Therefore, the following phones are expected to get the new update:

iPhone 15 series

iPhone 14 series

iPhone 13 series

iPhone 12 series

iPhone 11 series

iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

iPhone SE 2 and SE 3

What iOS 18 will bring to iPhones

Apple has yet to officially confirm what will be included in the new iOS 18 system. But analysts say the upcoming update will be ambitious.

The update is expected to include a revised version of Siri that uses artificial intelligence language models to provide smarter and more accurate responses.

Apple Music has witnessed a redesign with the new iOS 17, allowing for collaborative playlists similar to those offered by Spotify.

However, iOS 18 will allow users to create ‘auto-generated playlists’ that use artificial intelligence to create recommendation playlists.

The technology will also be able to be added to Xcode, which allows users to develop, test and deploy apps, so developers will be able to ‘write new apps faster.

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