Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming to Change the World of Cinema

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming to Change the World of Cinema

With the help of a large investor base, including Steven Spielberg, the artificial intelligence video studio Wonder Dynamics was introduced. Details are here!

Artificial intelligence continues to find its place in different fields with each passing day. Artificial intelligence, which has recently been in the film industry, has proven itself once again with the newly introduced video editing program Wonder Dynamics.

Offering the ability to easily transform people in real-time images into animated characters, Wonder Dynamics can recreate the world of CGI.

Here’s Great Dynamics With Great Talent

Almost all films shot in front of the green screen today face long post-production and effects costs. At this point, Wonder Dynamics, which is the savior, can transform real people into animated characters with its specially developed visual artificial intelligence support.

With a strong investor staff including renowned director Steven Spielberg and Epic Games, Wonder Dynamics has the ability to change the industry from start to finish.

To add an animated character to a scene you have shot, all you have to do is drag the three-dimensional model you have prepared onto a person in your video. The artificial intelligence, which successfully eliminates the skeletal lines of the people in the uploaded videos, replaces the three-dimensional character you have prepared with a human. In addition, all necessary lighting is done automatically.

World of Cinema

Tye Sheridan, one of the creators of the project and who we know for her lead role in the movie Ready Player One, states that the project was initially developed to create a tool that would facilitate the work of digital artists.

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming to Change the World of Cinema

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