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Artificial Intelligence Giants Take Action to Prevent Child Abuse!

Artificial Intelligence Giants Take Action to Prevent Child Abuse!

Artificial intelligence companies and technology giants have taken action to prevent child abuse. They will make artificial intelligence safer. Here are the details!

The fact that artificial intelligence is not progressing at full speed benefits all areas of life, but sometimes it can also lead to risky and unwanted events. In particular, the abuse of children by technology and artificial intelligence giants with certain tools is a hot topic.

Many artificial intelligence companies, including OpenAI and Microsoft, as well as Google and Meta, have started to take action on this issue. The companies have pledged to prevent AI tools from being used to create child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

This initiative, led by Thorn, a non-profit child safety group, and All Tech Is Human, will make parents more comfortable with their children, especially when it comes to AI. The existing dangers for children will also be eliminated.

Artificial Intelligence Giants to Join Forces

Thorn, a child safety group, stated that taking such a step would give artificial intelligence companies a great momentum thanks to their protection of children and that a precedent-setting decision would be made in the sector.

The prevention of sexually explicit works involving children and the ability to find such content on social media and search engines accelerated the companies to come together and sign such a work.

According to Thorn’s data, more than 104 million suspects were involved in child sexual abuse cases in the US last year alone.

Thorn and All Tech Is Human, “Safety for Productive AI: Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation” and called on developers to take steps to prevent AI from harming children.

Rebecca Portnoff, Thorn’s vice president of data science, said that some large companies have agreed to separate media featuring children from data sets containing adult content to prevent this.

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