Arrest Verdict for Putin!

Arrest Verdict for Putin!

The International Criminal Court signed a remarkable decision. The court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for allegedly committing war crimes.

Speaking on the subject, US President Biden said, “I think it’s a just decision. He clearly committed war crimes.” said.


The International Criminal Court (ICC) announced that, as part of its investigation into crimes committed in Ukraine, an arrest warrant was issued for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Child Rights Commissioner, Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova, on the grounds of war crimes.

Arrest Verdict for Putin


In a written statement from the ICC, it was reported that an arrest warrant was issued for Putin and Lvova-Belova for the crime of smuggling Ukrainian children to Russia during the Russia-Ukraine War. In the statement, it was stated that both suspects participated in the crime of illegally taking Ukrainian children to Russia, and it was stated that Putin was held responsible for not preventing people under his control from committing this crime.


Regarding the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Joe Biden said, “(Putin) has clearly committed war crimes. I think it is a just decision.” He stated that he found the decision justified, but that the court was not recognized on an international scale.

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