Armed attack at a liquor store in Esenyurt: One more suspect captured

Armed attack at a liquor store in Esenyurt: One more suspect captured

The moment of the armed attack in Esenyurt, where two people lost their lives, was recorded by the security camera of the workplace. In the armed attack in which 2 people lost their lives, M.Ö. and S.Ö, who came to the scene with a luxury jeep, were caught by police teams. Efforts are underway to catch 2 fugitives.

In Istanbul Esenyurt, two people were arrested in connection with the incident in which 2 people lost their lives in a liquor store on Friday night.
4 people who came to the workplace rained bullets on 3 people inside. Batuhan Bayındır, 20, and Yunus Emre Erzen, 24, died in the attack, while Yusuf Erzen, 21, was injured. The moments of the attack were recorded by the security camera of the workplace.


In the footage, while 3 people are chatting at the workplace, 4 more people enter. An argument breaks out between a green t-shirt and a workplace employee. While one of the attackers is heard saying ‘Call your father, let’s talk’, the workplace employee responds, “Now tell me why you came like this”. The attacker in a white shirt says, “Your father shared something, let’s talk”. After the employee standing at the cash register responded “Tell me what my father shared”, one of the attackers is heard saying “Don’t you know?”. During the argument, the attacker wearing a green t-shirt squeezed the shoulder of the employee and a brawl broke out between the employee and the attacker wearing a green t-shirt.


During the brawl, the employee of the workplace takes the gun in the safe and shoots at the feet of the attacker wearing a green t-shirt. At that time, the attackers attacked the person in the cash register with bottles. The attacker in white shirt takes out the gun on his body and shoots the employee several times. Then he shoots two more people in the workplace.


After the incident, the attackers fled the scene in a black luxury jeep.

M.Ö. and S.Ö. were captured by the police, while efforts are underway to catch two fugitives.

On the other hand, 1 7.65 mm and 11 9 mm casings were found during the investigation of the crime scene investigation teams. In addition, 1 shotgun, 2 pistols and 50 bullets were seized in the business where the incident took place.


It was stated that Yunus Emre Erzen’s older brother had previously injured one of the attackers with a gun, so there was enmity between the two parties.

Speaking to Halk TV, father Cantürk Erzen said that he owed 600 thousand liras to the suspects due to the rebar he bought, and that he received a writ of execution on the day of the incident. Erzen, who posted about the issue on social media, stated that he reacted to the situation but did not swear or insult. “I still cannot understand how they killed my child and his friend,” he said.

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