Are You a Suitable Candidate for Hair Transplant?

Trichologist İrfan İlek stated that people who want to have hair transplant must comply with certain criteria in order to perform this procedure.

Hair transplant gives very good results when it is done for the appropriate candidate. Some people may not be suitable for hair transplant, even if these people are treated, the success rate will be low, perhaps more accurately.

In this case, if hair transplant is insisted on, the expectation should not be high and people should bear the responsibility of the result.

We should point out right here that, in our clinic, we do not perform hair transplant on unsuitable candidates – even if we insist – in accordance with our principles.

If unsuitable candidates insist on hair transplant or if the clinic or hospital that performs the procedure acts with financial concerns, you may wish to have never had a hair transplant. The result you see when you look in the mirror can search for your old self.

Trichologist İrfan İlek; listed the necessary criteria for hair transplant as follows:

1- Your hair loss level is 2 or higher according to the Norwood-Hamilton Scale

2- If the hair loss process has been completed or has come to an end and other formulas have been tried during hair loss, but no success has been achieved (although it varies from person to person, 30 years of age should be waited for transplant because hair loss has not yet been completed until this age)

3- Having enough hair in your donor area for the areas that need transplant: The higher the hair density in the donor area, the higher the density will be in the transplanted areas.

Apart from these 3 items, people who have lost their hair as a result of trauma, burns or various surgical procedures can have hair transplant.

Candidates who meet these criteria are generally considered suitable candidates if they do not have the ailments mentioned below. Whether you meet these criteria can only be decided after your doctor makes the necessary examinations.

Trichologist İrfan İlek stated that the hair transplant operation will give better results in some people:

Hair Color Criteria

Results tend to be better in people whose hair color and skin color match. The greater the contrast between scalp color and hair color, the more natural the results will be negatively affected.

Of course, the contrast between the color of your scalp and the color of your hair does not by itself mean that the result will be worse.

For example, let’s consider a person whose hair color is blond and skin color is light. This person’s hair becomes visible only when it sheds too much.

However, the areas where the hair of a person whose hair color is black and whose skin color is fair are more striking because the contrast has occurred.

Hairstyle Criteria

If your hair is wavy or curly, it takes up more space and prevents your scalp from looking sparse. For example, black hair usually looks denser because it has these features.

One reason why their hair styles are curly is that black people live in hot climates and their scalps protect themselves during the evolutionary adaptation process.

Hair Strand Thickness

One of the most important factors determining the appearance of hair loss is the thickness of the hair strand. Hair fiber thickness also affects the result of hair transplant.

Although the same number of hair follicles is transplanted in people with thick hair, much more satisfactory results are obtained than people with thin hair.

Because thick hair will absorb the light reflected from the scalp more, that is, reduce the appearance of “baldness” less noticeable. In fine hair, it is the opposite.

Since the light reflected from the scalp can reach the eyes of the person in front of you more easily, the appearance of “baldness” becomes more pronounced even though there is the same number of hair.

Scalp Elasticity Criteria

In general, the chance of success in transplant increases as the hair will be transferred more easily to the follicles of those whose scalp is flexible.

In addition, people who exercise, maintain their ideal weight, have a low stress level and have a healthy eating habit have a better immune system in general, so their recovery time is shorter and the risk of infection is less.

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