Arapapisti Canyon

Arapapisti Canyon

Arapapıştı Canyon, also known as İnceğiz Canyon, is within the borders of Aydın province and Bozdoğan district. Kemer Dam, in Arapapıştı Canyon, fascinates those who see it with its magnificent color. Resembling the Scandinavian countries, Phuket Islands, Krabi, Bond Island or the lagoons in Pi Pi Island, this unique beauty draws attention with its historical and cultural texture. Moreover, the Rock Tombs in this region, created by carving the inside of the rocks, are flooded by thousands of tourists. It is even among the rumors that there is a rock monastery among these tomb.

This canyon is 90 km away from Aydın city center. Arapapıştı Canyon has recently been introduced as a world wonder by the public. The region is under protection as it has been declared a protected area. There are various rumors about where the name of Arapapıştı Canyon came from. According to a rumor, the Byzantine Emperor’s opposition to the enemy armies during the war between the Byzantines and the Arabs surprised the Arabs. For this reason, it was named Arapapıştı Canyon because of the word apıştı used in slang. According to another rumor, the Arabs got this name because they were very surprised by the natural beauty of this canyon.

Kemer Dam, located on the Arap Apıştı Canyon, is used for irrigation. That’s why it is flooded here, usually in summer. Therefore, if you go to the canyon in summer, you may not be able to witness the beauties of nature enough. Spring and autumn seasons are ideal to explore all the beauty of this canyon.

This canyon, located in the district of Bozdoğan in Aydın province,  has been formed over many years. In this canyon, there are Rock Tombs belonging to the 5th century BC and belonging to the Persian Civilization. Moreover, it is possible to camp in this canyon. Touristic trips and nature sports can be organized.


The location of Arapapıştı Canyon is quite interesting. The starting point of the canyon is on the border of Denizli and Muğla, and continues through Aydın borders. Therefore, at the end of the tour, you will be at the intersection of 3 cities.

You can reach the canyon after the lake of Kemer Dam. As a district, it is connected to Aydın Bozdoğan – Kemer District.

The distance between Aydın Center and Arapapıştı Canyon is approximately 95 km.

The best route to go to Arapapıştı Canyon from İzmir is to reach Sultanhisar or Nazilli via Aydın Highway. The distance between Nazilli and Kanyon is 52 km.

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