Apple has received a patent for a rollable iPhone: A world first

Apple has received a patent for a rollable iPhone: A world first

Known for its innovation in the tech industry, Apple has yet to launch a foldable smartphone like its rivals Samsung, Oppo and Motorola. However, a recent patent obtained by the tech giant showed that Apple is planning to develop a “rollable” iPhone, which would be the first of its kind.
US Apple’s patent documents show in full detail a rolled iPhone design with a thin and flexible screen that bends around an axis. To protect the screen from scratches and other damage, Apple’s design includes a protective layer of glass over the screen, as well as anti-smudge, anti-fog, anti-reflective and anti-static layers.

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Although Apple will launch the iPhone 15 in September, if the company decides to release a rollable smartphone, it won’t be until at least 2024.

On the other hand, Apple is known to have filed numerous patents in the past that may never be used in the real world.


But the drawings in the patent application explain that the rollable display has an array of pixels that define the shape and color of digital images.

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When the iPhone is rolled, the screen bends around an axis into a cylinder, and Apple proposes adding multiple layers to the interior of the device to protect it during the rolling and unfolding process.

According to the patent, the coatings on the inside of the phone would consist of polyimide, a versatile plastic material used in applications as diverse as aircraft components, sports equipment and adhesives.

The thinnest outer layer will be made of a polymer commonly found in plastic bags, clothing and Teflon-coated cookware. The document also states that these layered structures help prevent deep scratches from penetrating the outer surface of the glass layer. The harder polymer layer protects the surface from scratching and thus minimizes visible changes or blurring on the screen.

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On the other hand, while patents do not guarantee the actual launch of a product, they provide valuable information about a company’s research and development efforts.

rollable iPhone

Apple’s discovery of rollable smartphone technology demonstrates the company’s determination to push boundaries and potentially shape the future of mobile devices.

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