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Ant Warning From Scientists! They Became Deadly!

Scientists who went to research on the fire ant upon a notice from a house in France revealed that the ant had become poisonous by metamorphosis due to climate change. While the ant is known to blind and kill cats and dogs for now, research on its effects on humans continues.

Upon a tip-off from a home in the French Riviera port city of Toulon, French scientists began work on a super-colony of the tiny fire ant they discovered at home. A first has also emerged in the study that lasted for days by scientists.


Scientists have discovered for the first time in the world an ant species with a powerful sting and venom. The whole world has been warned by the knowledge that the ant, which has been found to live in some parts of North America, several Pacific Islands and Australia so far, can disrupt other species and multiply.



In the study of French scientists, information was also obtained about the effect of ant venom. The ant, which has been determined to be able to blind or kill cats and dogs, has not yet been determined what effects it will have on humans. The human part of the research continues. However, scientists state that the poison, which has the power to blind cats and dogs, will also negatively affect human life.

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