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Ankara University is located in the capital city of Turkey. It is one of Turkey’s oldest university was officially founded in 1946. But before that, in 1935, the Faculty of Language and History-Geography started education. Then the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine were opened. With these features, it is the first university of the republic. Ankara University has 18 faculties, 11 vocational schools, 1 conservatory, 1 college, 13 institutes, 48 associate degree programs and 113 undergraduate programs. The university has more than 70.000 students in different faculties.

Tandoğan Campus

The campuses and faculties of Ankara University are scattered in different parts of Ankara. The Rectorate is located in Tandoğan Campus, it is accepted as the center. Tandogan is one of Ankara’s busiest areas. Therefore, access to the campus is easy and the accommodation possibilities are wide. Apart from the faculties, there are also facilities such as swimming pool, library and cafes. Faculties such as Science and Pharmacy are located here. The architecture and green areas of the campus are very impressive.

Cebeci Campus

The first image that comes to mind when Ankara University is mentioned is the Faculty of Law building. This building is located in Cebeci Campus. Faculties such as Political Sciences, Educational Sciences, Communication are located here. The campus is in an advantageous position in terms of transportation and accommodation opportunities. Being very close to the Red Crescent also provides convenience for students. It is located near the campuses of other universities. Therefore, the district becomes an area where students are concentrated. Apart from the faculty buildings, there are also areas such as library, pool and cafeteria.


In different districts, you can find state or private dormitories. Some of the students also prefer to stay in homes close to the faculties. House rents vary depending on the district.


Ankara University has 29 libraries. In these libraries, there are printed and electronic publications from Turkey and abroad, large enough to meet the information needs of researchers and students. In addition, Turkey’s largest online library network in the world are provided with convenient access to scientific publications.

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