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Albat Mountain Dragon – Traditional Turkish Legends

Are you interested in traditional Turkish legends? Have you read the legend of the Dragon of Albat Mountain before?

Albat Mountain Dragon

A dragon came out of Mount Albat, at the foot of which is the Hydrangea Fountain. It did not allow anyone to approach the fountain and left the people without water.

Seeing the desperation of the people, the mayor of the city took a sharp sword on both sides and went to kill the dragon. The lord of the city raised his sword with both hands and just as he was about to swing it at the dragon, the dragon breathed deeply and swallowed the lord of the city, spitting flames from its nose. Then, the lord of the city turned the double-edged sword he was holding in his hand inside the dragon and killed it by cutting it in half from its mouth to its tail.

When the lord of the city returned home, he filled the pool in his garden with milk and got undressed and got into it. Because of the poison from the dragon, the milk in the pool quickly curdled and turned into cottage cheese. The lord continued to bathe in the milk until the milk was no longer curdled, and thus he was saved from the deadly poison of the dragon.

The image used in the content is taken from Ata Kurumsal Danışmanlık website.


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