Akbuk Bay

Akbuk Bay

Akbuk Bay is one of the heavenly corners of our country, where those who do not go lose a lot and those who go count days to go again. Akbuk Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the Gulf of Gokova. It is located within the boundaries of Mugla Mentese Sarnic village. The clear and clean sea, which can be seen even above your height, is the biggest reason to come here. As soon as you enter the bay, you cross a small bridge where the Azmak river joins the sea. At this point, you have entered the bay and you are moving on your right as a market, hostel or camping on your left as sunbeds and the sea. In the previous days, the vehicles entering Akbuk Bay were charged, but now a solution to that problem has been found and no fee is charged. Since this is a small fishing bay, fish will be the most basic food you can find. The beach where you swim during the daytime is replaced by dining tables towards the sunset. Of course, when you sit at the sea view tables, the prices can be a little higher than normal. In other words, you can find various options from restaurants where you can have a nice dinner to places between the streets where you can eat pancakes. You can buy fresh fish from the fishermen who come to the beach and have them cook for a fee in the enterprises.

Akbuk Bay is the right address for those who want to have a camping holiday. As soon as you enter the bay, you will see camping facilities around you. There are various camping business alternatives in the bay, either by the sea or away from the crowd. Some of them serve as per tent and others as per person price. You can choose according to your budget and expectations. It is forbidden to camp anywhere except camping in Akbuk Bay. You will see the no camping signs, especially in forest areas. There are legendary beautiful places to camp towards the end of the bay.


Akyaka – Akbuk road; The road, which is 25 km, is a non-sloped asphalt but a curved road going back and forth along the coastline. It is the easiest and most preferred way to reach the bay.


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