Advanced Smart Summoning Comes To Teslas

Tesla's existing Summon feature now comes with advanced modes and system. What will the Smart Summon feature offer to the driver? Here are the details!

Tesla has recently been on the agenda in Turkey and around the world with unfortunate incidents such as traffic accidents. On the other hand, according to a news shared today, Tesla is working on a new feature.

As it is known, there is already a feature called Summon in Teslas. However, this feature only allowed the vehicles to make limited moves such as going forward and backward. However, the new feature will appear as Smart Summon, that is, smart summoning.

New Feature and Mode Coming to Tesla

Teslas, which will have smart summoning technology, will provide great convenience to drivers. Drivers will now be able to call their parked vehicles remotely with the “smart call” feature.

It was also shared that the feature, which is called to the GPS location if the parked car is at a certain distance and depending on the road situation, has been renewed within the scope of FSD. With this feature, there will also be a new mode.

Thanks to the mode called “Park Seek”, Tesla cars will now be able to search for parking spaces without a driver. The new feature and mode is expected to be available in April.

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