Adult content platform “OnlyFans” has been shut down in Turkey!

Adult content platform “OnlyFans” has been shut down in Turkey!

Onlyfans with adult content, which has been frequently mentioned on social media lately, has been closed to access in Turkey. Details are here!

Only Fans, which started on Twitter the other day and became the agenda with rapidly increasing reactions, was closed to access. The adult content platform, which has thousands of content producers all over the world, has been banned in Turkey. Details are here!

How did the closure decision come about?

Some recent posts by Only Fans content producers created controversy on social media and a complaint campaign was launched against CIMER. In the evening, the site was completely closed to access.

According to the statement made by the Freedom of Expression Association: Only Fans was blocked by the decision of the Istanbul 1st Criminal Court of Peace dated 7 June 2023 and numbered 2023/3975.


Full Version of Complaint Made to CIMER*

CIMER: Presidential communication center

“There is a social media platform called OnlyFans, which has recently become widespread in our country, and its use is encouraged. On this platform, users sell their pornographic pictures and videos to their subscribers for money and earn serious money with this immoral act. So much so that, according to the information shared by its users with the public, some users earn more than $10,000 a month from pornographic posts on this platform.

Normally, making money with such simple and disgusting methods is only a matter of moral standards of users of such platforms. However, the main focus of these and similar platforms is that they encourage making money with pornography and seriously affect the young audience, especially with the high returns they provide. Recently, the users of this platform have been posting that they get easy and high returns by sharing pornography on the social media platform called Twitter and that they recommend it to everyone. As a result of these shares, it is observed by the public that there is a significant increase in the number of people producing pornographic content on the OnlyFans platform. Eventually, some concept accounts on this disgusting platform started producing pornographic content with their parents to earn more money.

The fluctuating situation in our country’s economy negatively affects the society and especially the youth, and many people resort to bad ways to earn easy money. Mass promotion of the immoral platform OnlyFans encourages the community to make easy money through immoral methods. At this point, it is obvious that OnlyFans platform poses a serious threat to general morality and Turkish family structure. If drastic measures are not taken against such platforms, the general morality and Turkish family structure will erode and eventually degenerate. For this reason, access to all such platforms, especially the OnlyFans platform, should be blocked.

As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey who attaches importance to general morality and Turkish family structure for the reasons explained, I demand that the social media platform OnlyFans be blocked.”

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-only online platform for people who serve adult content. On this platform, content creators offer their special content to their subscribers for a certain fee.

OnlyFanswas founded in 2016 and initially aimed only at users producing adult content. However, later on, users offering different types of content started to trade on the platform.

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