A Wonder of Nature: Kursunlu Thermal Springs

Located on the northern slopes of Bozdag, in a stream with bubbling and boiling waters, Kursunlu Thermal Springs fascinates people with its Natural Wonders appearance. Those who say they want to stay in this magical valley surrounded by natural beauties should book a place in advance at the hot springs just a phone call away.

Kursunlu Thermal Springs

Because it is not easy to find an empty room in Thermal Springs by saying that I will find a place to stay. Thermal Springs is an ideal place for those who want to experience natural beauties away from the noise of city life. Nature embraces it in all its glory. Kursunlu Valley carries a different beauty in every season.

Kursunlu Thermal Springs

The valley, which turns green one day, resembles a rainbow with its blue, yellow and red colors during the day. Kursunlu Hot Springs, where the sounds of the water flowing from the waterfall take on a mystical atmosphere, offer a natural treatment with its healing thermal water, bird chirping and magical atmosphere.

Kursunlu Thermal Springs manisa

Properties of Water

It contains a total of 2172 mg/lt mineralization, bicarbonate and fluorine. The healing waters are obtained from sources with temperatures ranging from 43 to 91 degrees Celsius. It is stated that the spa water has positive effects in the complementary treatment of rheumatism, skin and gynecological diseases, respiratory diseases, nervous disorders and calcifications.

manisa province

Spa Bed Capacity; In Thermal Springs, a facility with a capacity of 86 apartments and 270 beds, the hospitality of the Aegean is offered not only to the residents of Salihli, but also to guests from the surrounding districts and all over Turkey. friendly and smiling staff.

Kursunlu Thermal Springs manisa

Located 5 kilometers from the center of Salihli and 3 kilometers from the İzmir-Ankara main road, Kursunlu Thermalsprings provides high-level service to its guests, with 47 personnel from Bahçıvan to Service Personnel and Receptionist. From Paramedic to Physiotherapist to Security Guard.


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