A rival search engine to Google is coming from Apple!

Rumors that Apple could rival Google’s long-standing search engine leadership are back on the agenda.

When it comes to search engines today, it is a fact that Google has been the leader for many years. However, according to the latest news, Apple may have accelerated its own search engine development efforts.

Veteran technology editor Mark Gurman reported in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter that Apple engineers may have completed the search engine project, which they coded as “Pegasus”. Gurman said that Apple’s search engine development work has gone further and that the project is ready. However, no concrete announcement has been made at the moment.

Apple had previously been rumored to be working on this project, but these plans were shelved due to the significant revenues the company received from Google. Google pays Apple billions of dollars annually to remain the default search engine on iOS devices. It remains to be seen whether they can afford to lose this source of revenue.

While Google continues to dominate the search engine market, it is interesting that Apple has the potential to compete with its own search engine. Apple’s search engine efforts seem to be aimed at strengthening the company’s own ecosystem and increasing its independence.

However, it is not yet clear whether this project can really replace Google. Competition in the search engine market is intense and Google’s database and technological infrastructure is quite strong.

It remains to be seen when more details about Apple’s search engine efforts will be revealed and when the project will be launched. We will continue to follow this issue closely in the future to see how the competition in the search engine market will take shape. These possible changes in the search engine market could be an important development for internet users.

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