A New Turkey Story? ‘Turkey’s Importance Will Increase’

GEORGE Friedman, in his book “The Next 100 Years – Predictions for the 21st Century”, says that he believes some stronger and more assertive forces will emerge for the 21st century. Counts three countries. Japan, Poland and Turkey… He explains the most striking reason for Turkey with the phrase “having a solid platform in the midst of chaos”.

Today, the pandemic and its consequences, war, negativities in the world economy and severe problems in its own economy have been added to the surrounding chaos. Despite all this, if the opportunities are evaluated well and the right decisions are made, Friedman ‘s prediction can come true. The changing attitudes and messages of foreign economists who made negative evaluations about Turkey on social media a while ago also point to this. For example, Robin Brooks, Chief Economist of the Institute of International Finance (IIF) , evaluated that “Turkey’s importance will increase” .


Can Turkey write a new story? Does chaos turn into opportunity? While citizens are rightfully experiencing the problem of “expensiveness and livelihood” , what does the economy administration do to answer these two questions? Let’s get to the answers to the questions… I wondered behind the scenes of the meetings held at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting of the Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati and the Spring Meetings of international organizations. Because, “creating confidence and geopolitical balances” are as important as the steps to be taken internally, from law to human rights to the economy . Correct steps, trust, stability and foreign capital are almost a whole. Let’s come Nureddin NabatiI will summarize item by item within the framework of my meetings with senior sources.


– Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati both attended official meetings and held many bilateral meetings in Washington.

– At the request of foreign investors, the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), the Business Council for International Reconciliation (BCIU) and JP Morgan met with real sector and portfolio investors at three different investor meetings.

– The global outlook was discussed in detail at the meetings. Sector-specific evaluations were made. The Minister gave comprehensive information on the latest developments and investment opportunities in the Turkish economy.

– At the meetings, the Minister and his team drew attention to the strong public finances, the banking sector, low indebtedness, the balanced growth outlook in recent years and the strong performance observed especially in exports.

– Turkey’s young and dynamic population, qualified workforce, rich production ecosystem were explained. He stated that Turkey’s capacity to deal with global and regional challenges has increased.

– Investors expressed their strong belief in Turkey’s potential and that they want to increase their investments in Turkey.

They stated that the last sukuk issuance was carried out successfully.

– The feedback received at the Washington meetings indicates that the perception of Turkey in the eyes of international investors and economists has improved significantly and that capital inflows to Turkey will increase.

– Investors and economists, who stated that Turkey’s role in the global arena has come to the fore with the effect of recent geopolitical developments, believe that the “Turkey story ” will attract more attention and gain acceptance.

These are the conclusions that the senior economic management has drawn from the meetings. If the economy management can turn the chaos into an opportunity and write a new story in the face of the problems faced by the citizens in Turkey, Friedman will be right. Above all, Turkey wins!

Enes Sahin

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