A New Investment Idea in The Metaverse Universe

Metaverse continues to create brand new investment opportunities!
In our previous articles, we stated that land sales in Turkey have created a huge boom and that 20,000 metaverse parcels have been sold. As such, the second-hand market also became involved in the metaverse universe events, with the sale of lands that were in high demand.


The plots that appeared on the ‘‘ shopping site, which is used quite frequently in Turkey, were deleted after they became viral on the internet. Metaverse plots sold through this platform are just as expensive as in the real world. For example, the land in Antalya Konyaaltı, which is on the OVR platform, is sold for 2.5 million TL. It is stated that there are 20 more valuable parcels around the land. Now the ad has been removed, but we do not know whether the real reason for the removal was the sale of the land or the great reaction.

It is not known how much these plots were purchased for the first time on the platforms. In the early stages of NFT plots and the low prices of cryptocurrencies, such plots were purchased at affordable prices, but the prices subsequently increased a lot. Finally, the record was broken with 2 million dollars.


While the metaverse universe is seen as shaky by some, others have accepted that the metaverse has entered our lives and have already started to turn it into a business opportunity.

The metaverse universe isn’t just limited to plot. You can also buy a house and rent a room in your house to view NFTs. A vast universe entirely dependent on your imagination and entrepreneurial potential!

A different twist to this universe came from the domain suppliers. What is a domain supplier? What we mean by domain supplier; People who buy and stock brand-specific website names in order to display images of famous brands in the Metaverse universe or to use them in many different areas. If these people demand the companies, they sell this name right to the companies. Moreover, these transactions have a very large price scale that varies according to the size of the company or brand.

Some shopping sites have a ‘domain‘ category. When you examine the sites with this category, it is possible to see different pricing from 800 Turkish Liras to 30.000.000 Turkish Liras.


Of course there is a risk. You buy these domains for a fee. If you cannot sell the stock domain name you own, the amounts you will pay will come out of your pocket. If you sell these metaverse naming rights to an international company, you can make quite a bit of money. Of course, you should find a name that attracts the attention of the company, act quickly from the company and buy this domain.

The investment opportunities and business lines opened up by the Metaverse universe are not about to stop. What do you think about investments related to the metaverse universe? Do you think the metaverse universe will be erased as if it never entered our lives? Or has it settled into the center of our lives?

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