A Natural Wonder: Lake Egirdir, Isparta

The shoreline of the lake, which has steep cliffs and a flat and shallow base, is 150 km. The section located in the north of Kemer Strait in Egirdir Lake is known as Hoyran, and the section in the south is known as Egirdir section. The area of ​​Lake Egirdir varies depending on the water use of the people. Some of the sinkholes, especially in the western parts of the lake, which has a karstic structure, have been closed. Many pumping stations have been established by DSI to be used for different purposes (drinking water, agriculture, etc.) in the lake.

egirdir lake

Features of Lake Egirdir

Another of the most important features of Lake Egirdir is its connection with the sea. The waters coming from Kovada canal to Kovada Lake flowed from Kovada Valley to Aksu Stream and from there to the Mediterranean by karstic routes. Karacaoren I and II Dams, which have been built on the Candir Plain for the last twenty years, take the waters of the lake. There is the Kovada Canal with a length of 22 km, which forms the natural connection between Lake Egirdir and Lake Kovada. Kemer Strait; It narrows in the East-West direction, causing the lake to have a two-part appearance with a distance of approximately 1.8 km (which differs according to the water level in the lake). It is stated that the depression of Lake Egirdir was formed as a result of karstic events during periods of abundance and filled with water during this period. Tectonic origin of lake depression, accumulation of water after Neogene. He says it emerged as a result of the collapse of a large polje in the Holocene and the small islands in the lake are proof of this. He stated that the tectonic depression took its present shape with karstic events and the lake developed in the pluvial period. Combined with the ancient climate of Anatolia, the large water bodies in the region, including Egirdir, are grouped as abundant lakes. When the slopes surrounding Lake Egirdir formed at least before the Middle-Upper Pliocene, it is likely that the rubble tulle from Golcuk was maar volcanism within colluvial cones.


Turkey’s 2nd Largest Freshwater Lake

It is the second largest freshwater lake in Turkey. The water area surrounded by the maximum water level of Lake Egirdir “I. Degree Natural Site”. A band of 300 meters above the maximum water level “III. Degree Natural Site”. Lake Egirdir is on the “Class A Wetland” list. Kovada Lake National Park and Gelincik Mountain Nature Park are located in the Egirdir Lake basin. The most important water inputs feeding the lake; are the water sources boiling from the bottom of the lake. At the same time, there are many streams and creeks of various sizes that descend from the surrounding mountains and are fed by precipitation waters. The most important of them are; Pupa Stream, which comes from Yalvac district and joins the lake from Gelendost district, Akcay, Uluborlu and Senarkent districts and descends into the lake, Degirmen Stream descending from Hoyran plain and Aksu Stream connected to the lake by a channel from Aksu Stream. Lake Egirdir meets the drinking water needs of Isparta province and surrounding settlements. It is also used as irrigation water in the plains of Isparta, Gonen, Uluborlu, Senarkent, Yalvac, Gelendost and Egirdir.

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The shallow parts of the lake, where the plains open onto the lake shores, are completely covered with reeds and reeds. Although the lake has a closed basin, it is fed by abundant spring waters from the bottom and 1/3 of the lake water is renewed every year. The expenses of the lake are DSI pumping stations, Kovada Canal and excessive evaporation in summer. The fish species in the lake are Carp, Grass Carp, Sudak, Egrez and Silverfish that have emerged in recent years. Crayfish, Crab, Water Snake, Water Mouse, Frog and Water Turtle are other creatures found in the lake. The lake also has an important place for wildlife. Native species such as Crested diver, Egg bastard, Cormorant, Heron species, Angit, Gray goose, Clumsy meke, Spotted waterfowl, Stilt, Whisker tern, Reed harrier, Gull and Pelican, Flamingo, Swan, Clumsy goose, Gray Goose, Fishtail, Pintail Includes wintering and shelter types such as Mallard, Apple Head, Hungarian, Maiden’s Bird, Snipe, and Crested Pact. There are two small islets connected to Egirdir by road in the lake. The first is Can Ada, the second is Yesilada.

isparta egirdir lake
Isparta province

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