A First in Turkey!

The patient with a hole in his heart in Bursa City Hospital regained his health after the heart was reached through the tunnel opened through his liver and the hole was closed. Health Minister Koca explained the operation with the words “Limited in the world, a first in Turkey”.

Limited in the world

Koca made a statement on his social media account, “A few times in the world, a first in Turkey. In the surgery performed at Bursa City Hospital, a patient with a hole in his heart was treated with hole closure method. reaching the heart through a tunnel opened.” He shared a video with his explanation.

Classical Treatment

In the video, doctors working at Bursa City Hospital gave information about the patient’s health status. In the video where the 35-year-old patient applied to the hospital with the complaint of shortness of breath, the doctors noted the following: Heart. A hole is a hole located between two atria. The classic cure for this is all over the world. In our clinic, it is entered through the inguinal vein. method.

Temporary Tunnel from Liver to Heart

When we examined radiologically, we found that there was an abnormality in the main vein of the body. Therefore, the cardiology team could not close the hole in his heart with the classical method. When we discussed among ourselves, we stated that we could do it by piercing the liver. We created a temporary tunnel from the liver to the heart. Thanks to this tunnel, the hole in the heart was closed by the cardiology team. Then we closed that tunnel with the special materials we had to prevent bleeding and completed the procedure without complications.

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