A first in Turkey! Electric Buses in Public Transport!

Lithium battery electric buses with ultra-fast charging feature, the first in Turkey, appeared on the streets of Samsun. Electric buses, which are both economical and environmentally friendly, will provide transportation services to citizens when the test drives are completed. The buses, which are charged in 10 minutes, travel 90 km.

A new era begins in public transportation in Samsun. Domestic and national production electric buses, which will start to serve in Samsun for the first time in Turkey, made their first test drive and opened the door to a new era in transportation. Electric buses will start passenger transportation after a test drive on the Tekkekoy-Cesamba Airport route for a certain period of time. Buses periodically perform test drives on Samsun streets and streets under the leadership of escorts.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to invest in smart urbanism with the slogan “Samsun, the City of the Future”, took the first test drive of fast-charging electric buses today. The bus, which was charged in 10 minutes, traveled approximately 90 km on that charge. In addition, ultra-fast charging stations are used for the first time in Turkey with these buses.


Within the scope of the project, 3 fast charging stations were built in the first stage. Afterwards, 6 fast charging stations, including 3, will be reached, and a charging infrastructure that can serve the entire city will be implemented. Electric buses are expected to save 80 percent in operating costs over rubber-tyred fossil fuel buses. In the continuation of the project, it is aimed to transform the existing fossil fuel bus fleet into electric buses.

It has been learned that the fast-charged electric buses, which will be used in total as 20 in the first stage, are 12 times cheaper than the rail system transportation cost.

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