A First in the World: A Date Has Been Set For The Jetpack Race!

Gravity Industries has set a date for the jetpack race. A test video was also shared for the exciting race that will be held for the first time in the world. Here are the details!

It’s time to see what the next generation of personal flight devices look like and how they perform in competition. Gravity Industries has set a date for the world’s first jetpack race.

It was nearly seven years ago that Gravity founder Richard Browning first announced his venture into an Iron-Man style jetpack suit. The company has taken an important step to take its unique approach to personal flight to the next level.

The jetpack consists of turbines attached to the back and sleeves. Having the turbines on the arms offers a significant advantage by allowing for more comfortable flying. The 1,050 horsepower jetpack weighs 27 kilograms.

When İs The Jetpack Race?

Under an agreement signed with the Dubai government, the world’s first jetpack race will take place on February 28 as part of the Dubai Boat Show in the area between Dubai Port and Skydive Dubai.

Ahmed Al Shehhi, a pilot from the United Arab Emirates, has started training at Gravity in the UK and plans to participate in the race with seven other pilots.

How Much is the Jetpack Price?

The jetpack, which attracts attention with its features and design, has a price tag of 483 thousand dollars. It should be noted that this price does not include tax. It is also possible to use the jetpack in question for a day for 3 thousand 500 dollars.

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