5,000-Year-Old Marble Idol Found in Yesilova Mound

A 5,000-year-old marble idol was found in the Yeşilova Mound in the Bornova district of Izmir. Ege University Faculty of Letters, Archeology Department Head of Excavation Assoc. Zafer Derin said, “Yeşilova Mound is a trade center similar to Troy. Troy and its idols, pottery and traditions are similar. What we found is an artifact 6-7 centimeters tall and a few inches thin.” Excavations in the mounds of Yeşilova and Yassıtepe continue with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bornova Municipality and Ege University. It was determined that 9 villages were unearthed in a row in the city, whose history dates back 8500 years, and that the first inhabitants of Izmir, like today’s residents, came from many regions, especially mussels. remains such as sea bream, stingray, sea urchin, oysters and mussels. It was determined that he consumed seafood. This time, a 5,000-year-old marble idol was found in Yassitepe Mound, one of the places where the first people of Izmir lived and shedding light on history.

marble idol
Photograph: Izmir DHA

“Western Uses Marble Very Well

Ege University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Archeology, Head of the Excavation Department Assoc. Zafer Derin gave information about the marble idol found in the Yesilova Mound in the Bornova district of Izmir, which is said to resemble the ancient city of Troy, where Hector and Achilles fought in Canakkale in many ways. Assoc. Dr. Derin said, “With our work in Yassıtepe, we are excavating the area of ​​Izmir, which is a commercial urbanization region dating back 5000 years. We came across many commercial and religious finds here. The marble idol we found this year is a unique work of Western civilization. It has been a moving object since the Neolithic period. Ongoing. This is why it is important to continue the worship of the mother goddess. Central Yassitepe Mound is one of the first settlements established in terms of urbanization. It is a trade center similar to Troy. Troy and its idols, pottery, traditions are similar. Western civilization uses marble very well. “Bringing fertility and health He turned her into a goddess for her and kept her with him or at home.”

marble idol

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