5 trucks of humanitarian aid were sent from Turkey to Ukraine

Deputy Minister of Interior İsmail Çataklı announced that 5 trucks carrying humanitarian aid materials were delivered to the authorities on the border with Ukraine. Çataklı said that the number of Ukrainian citizens coming to Turkey is 20,550.
İsmail Çataklı, Deputy Minister of Interior and Spokesperson of the Ministry, said that the 11-person humanitarian aid team affiliated to the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) was sent to the Siret point on the Romanian border with Ukraine to determine the needs and ensure coordination. Aids sent from Turkey with the start of migration mobility.

Emphasizing that 5 trucks carrying humanitarian aid materials, which set off from Turkey on February 26-27, reached the Ukrainian border on March 1-2, and the aid was delivered to the relevant people there, Çataklı said that 5 trucks carrying humanitarian aid materials were carrying humanitarian aid materials provided by the riot police. told. private sector and non-governmental organizations reminded that the truck set off from Turkey on March 5th.

Another 10 trucks of humanitarian aid will be sent to the region this week.

Stating that it is planned to send another 10 trucks of humanitarian aid to the region this week under the coordination of AFAD with the participation of the private sector, non-governmental organizations and municipalities, Çataklı stated that the aid will continue.

İsmail Çataklı stated that the Crisis Coordination Center at the Directorate of Migration Management started to operate on a 24-hour basis in the region, and the National Medical Rescue (UMKE) team of 10 people sent by the Ministry of Health to establish an emergency response unit operates on a 24-hour basis in the region. He said that 2 mobile kitchens were established on the Romanian border, which continues its work on the Romanian border, and that hot food is delivered to 10 thousand people a day.

20 thousand 550 Ukrainian citizens in Turkey

Noting that 2 service trucks equipped with Göçnet infrastructure and computerized fingerprint equipment and additional personnel were sent to Edirne, and a service truck to Kırklareli, Çataklı used the following statements in his statement:

“Assigned personnel provide convenience at the border gates and ensure that the transactions are completed quickly. In this context, 20,550 Ukrainian citizens have entered Turkey from all our border gates since February 24.

Within the scope of the valid visa exemption agreement between our country and Ukraine, Ukrainian citizens can enter our country with a passport or identity document and stay in our country legally for up to 90 days with visa exemption.

For the citizens of Ukraine, who entered our country legally but could not leave before the conflict period, the governorships were instructed to provide the necessary facilities for their residence permit applications.

551 Crimean Tatars and Meskhetian Turks were settled in dormitories

Stating that there are 551 Crimean Tatars and Meskhetian Turks among the Ukrainian citizens who came to Turkey, Çataklı said that these people were placed in dormitories in Edirne and Kırklareli and their needs were met by AFAD.

İsmail Çataklı stated that 1711 Azerbaijanis, 447 Turkmenistan and 62 Georgian citizens who left Ukraine came to Turkey for transit.

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