5 Most Famous Beaches in Izmir

There are 141 beaches in İzmir, which has the most beaches after Antalya and Muğla. 52 of them are blue flagged. But in this article, we have listed the 5 most famous beaches in İzmir for you.


Foça is a coastal town located in the north of İzmir. When the city emerged as an Ionian settlement in ancient times, it was named Phokaia because of the seals living in the sea, and it has come to this day as Foça. Everything is intact, original, beautiful as before, the old part of Foça is also beautiful. Warm, friendly, cute. Although it has a tiny center, it is quite lively. One of the best things you can do here is to take a boat tour. You can see Siren Rocks and Foça Islands by boat. The Siren Rocks, which take place in the Homeric Epic, are the main habitat of seals. Foça Islands consist of 6 islands: Orak, Fig, Kartdere, Fener, Metallic and Hayırsız Ada. Apart from that, you can also visit the Five Gates Castle, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage candidate list.


Dikili is a coastal city on the Aegean Sea, opposite Lesbos. It resembles the Maldives with its turquoise waters and has many “blue flag” beaches. The best known of these are Çandarlı Castle Front and the beach of Kalem Island. Again, one of the beautiful seas is Denizköy, located near Ayvalık. However, let us state that it is very crowded on the weekend. Another place you might want to see in Dikili is Aşıklar Waterfall. You can have a picnic here and visit the caves on the route. There is also a restaurant.

Seferihisar and Sığacık

49 km of coastline with Seferihisar, Turkey’s top 13 blue flag beaches district with the Blue Flag beaches. Daily trips are organized to the beautiful bays in the district with boats departing from Sığacık Port. Seferihisar “Cittaslow” network to attend the first member from Turkey. On Sundays, there is a Producer Market, where only those who produce in the surrounding villages and women who sell their food, drink and handicrafts take place. You can find beautiful handcrafted works of art. The sight and scenery of Sığacık Port is quite fascinating. It took the name Teos Marina because it covers the borders of the city of Teos in the historical Ionia. Watching the sunset here is also quite romantic. All its streets are colorful and photogenic. All its cafes are very cute. Must be seen! For the sea alternative, we recommend the nearby Akkum Beach or Akarca Beach, one of the locals’ favorites.


Karaburun is the smallest and least populated district of Izmir. The sea is crystal clear. It hosts many creatures such as the Mediterranean monk seal. It is also a frequent destination for diving lovers. Karaburun is one of the regions where the fragrant narcissus flowers are abundant. Let’s list the beaches of the peninsula even if they are stony or rocky: Mimoza, İncirlikoy, Bodrum, Boyabağı, Kaynarpınar, Dolungaz Bay, Badembükü, Kocakum Beach in Mordoğan, Çatalkaya, Ayıbaşı, and Ardıç beaches. Apart from Karaburun Center and Pier, you can watch the magnificent sunset in the town of Mordoğan, which is connected here. Also, the view of Sarpıncık Lighthouse is quite impressive.

Amazing Photo from Alaçatı, Çeşme

Çeşme and Alaçatı

Alaçatı is a beautiful and popular holiday destination. Alaçatı is especially famous for windsurfing. It has stone houses, streets and many beautiful beaches. Our favorites are Altınkum, Pırlanta, Ilıca, Güvercinlik Bay, Paşalimanı, Delikli Bay. Altınkum and Pırlanta Beaches are located in Çiftlikköy. Although Altinkum’s sea is very cold, it is very beautiful. Diamond, although it is very windy, the sea is magnificent. You can also kitesurf here. Güvercinlik Bay has managed to preserve its virginity. It is located ahead of Alaçatı surf centers and Delikli Bay. The water is cool and clear. Paşalimanı is perfect for those looking for calm and calm sea. Although the sea starts with pebbles, the rest is sand. The feature of Delikli Bay, which is a little ahead of Alaçatı Surf Center, is that it has a hollow rock formed by the waves eroding over time. You can walk through this hole in the sea. This place has a long beach. There is no facility. It has white sand. It is said that the pieces taken from the white rocks here are melted with water and used as a face mask and are good for the skin.

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