5 gift ideas that can be brought from Turkey

In this article we will look at Turkey, from the point of view of tourism, what would be interesting for people to receive as a gift from this country.

1. Baklava.In the first place, of course, the well-known Turkish sweetness is baklava. It is almost impossible to find it in the CIS countries, and there is plenty of choice in Turkey. We recommend buying baklava in Karakoy Gulluoglu. It is located in the tourist area of Karakey, where you can not only buy gifts, but also have a great time.

3. Textiles. It is internationally known that the best textiles are located in Turkey. Bed linen, clothes, bags, fabrics – this is why it is worth coming here.

4. Dishes. If you are looking for dishes for home, you definitely need to come to Turkey. It will not be difficult to find it here, and the quality will be excellent.Unusual dishes, Turkish national glasses and much more are waiting for you.

5. Alcohol. If you drink alcohol, we recommend that you try the national Turkish alcoholic drink, namely raki. Raki should definitely be combined with food, as it is a very alcoholic drink.

Choose your gift from Turkey, and enjoy giving or receiving it.

You can read this article in Russian language: 5 идей подарков, которые можно привести из Турции

Maria Rybakova

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