48 Excellent Websites That Will Work for You

  1. A site where you can download youtube playlists as mp3 or video in bulk for free:
  2. A site where you can create unlimited e-mail addresses with the help of artificial intelligence for sites that do not allow non-mail login:
  3. A site that converts audio recording to text:
  4. A site where you can list your spotify lists as text:
  5. A site where you can find out if a photo has photoshop:
  6. You upload your photos with low resolution to this site, increase the resolution and return the photo to you:
  7. A site that provides you to download videos you come across on Twitter:
  8. Need only a small part of a long video? This site downloads only the part you need and presents it to you:
  9. A site where you can look at the newspapers of a date you want or the day you were born:
  10. The BBC’s archive of 16,000 sounds is an incredibly large one:
  11. Wondering how many words you know in English? here’s your site:
  12. Very nice file conversion site:
  13. You have a world map in front of you and you enter any year of history, you see the borders of the world countries on that date. An interesting and entertaining site:
  14. A site where you can remove backgrounds from your photos:
  15. It is a site that shows how much of an area it will affect or how much damage will be done if an atomic bomb is dropped where you live or where you choose.
  16. The opportunity to learn in 10-15 minutes for those who have wanted to learn Morse alphabet since they were little, but have not had the opportunity:
  17. A site where you can turn your spotify playlist into a youtube playlist:
  18. You can watch all nba matches, f1, ufc, and many more sports in HD quality for free, thanks to this site:
  19. If you want to experience nostalgia by playing playstation 1 games, here it is:
  20. The site where you can access 750,000 master’s and doctoral theses in pdf form:
  21. You can click on the region you want on the world map on the site and hear how the people there are talking through audio recordings. not only countries, smaller regions can also be selected.
  22. What frequency range can your ear hear, a good hearing test to find out:
  23. Tubitak’s huge archive of 5000 books. awesome treasure:
  24. This is Tubitak’s magazine archive:
  25. You enter the location of the house, the site tells you how much sun the house gets. It is a small but very useful site that can be used especially when buying or renting a new house. Moreover, you can enter any date of the year and see the angle of the sun coming to the house on that date.
  26. It is a site that shows which city and which street the scenes in the movies take place. you can even go one click further and visit these locations yourself with google street view.
  27. It’s an excellent site to prepare a CV.
  28. A giant treasure for arcade lovers. Moreover, you have unlimited rights. A great site for nostalgia.
  29. One of the best sites I’ve ever seen. There are samples of all kinds of music you can see and see on the site. From Luxembourg indie music to Japanese chill rap music. tens of thousands of sounds on a single screen, you can enlarge the page and choose what you want
  30. Have you ever tried to imagine the face of a person who has not yet existed in the world? this site produces incredibly realistic faces every time thanks to artificial intelligence. It’s hard to believe that the people in the photo don’t really exist.
  31. Want to listen to your favorite song without instruments or background music? Just upload the song to this site. it only gives you the spoken version of the song, it deletes all the background music.
  32. This is to take only the instrumental part of the song and throw the lyrics:
  33. An excellent site that offers you a random video from all youtube channels in the world on every click. it doesn’t recommend very under-watched videos, which means the videos are not of poor quality. definitely try it, it’s a great site to get lost on the internet, have fun:
  34. This site allows you to share files privately with no size limit, end-to-end encryption and without being stored online.
  35. This site has 24-hour live broadcasts of wildlife from many continents, from bears to birds, from oceans to giraffes. On this site, you can watch what dozens of animals are doing live.
  36. A translation site that is 5 times better than Google Translate. Its greatest feature is that it can read the intent of your sentence and translate it accordingly, sometimes even offering more than one translated version of the text, almost “which one do you want?” saying.
  37. It does a pretty solid job of removing the background of any image. you can even just ctrl + v, it just degrades the quality a bit, that’s all.
  38. A site you can use to find out if there is photoshop in a photo.
  39. It is a site that allows you to write a letter to your future self. for example, you write the e-mail, you choose I want to see it in 3 years, and 3 years later, what you wrote comes to you as an e-mail.
  40. This site shows you on a map, in real time, where in the world lightning strikes at that moment. it is great to use this site, especially if there is a thunderstorm where you live.
  41. A site that is adept at tracking the exact outfits that actors wear on the shows and if your budget is not the same as the millionaires, the site often shows cheaper options that look like the same outfit.
  42. This site scans the pages of user agreements that end with “I have read, I accept the terms and conditions” when you enter any website or become a member, and provides you with a summary, so you know immediately what you are agreeing to.
  43. This website has every computer game from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. there really are more games on this site than you can imagine. there are step by step instructions for each game you want to download and all games are free! there is also a search tab, don’t worry, you won’t have to search for hours for that game you played in your childhood. 🙂
  44. Have you seen a movie, loved it and are looking for other movies similar to it? this site does exactly that for you.
  45. It does what the above site does for TV shows, movies, books, music, games, podcasts… so this site is even more useful.
  46. For those who want to get lost in the deepest depths of youtube, this site shows a random video with less than 100 views every time the page refreshes.
  47. This site randomly presents you with songs that are almost never listened to on Spotify, so you can experience songs that are almost forgotten or that no one listens to.
  48. Due to the geoid shape of the Earth, no map shows the actual size of countries, the closer a country is to the poles, the larger the area that country actually occupies on the map. this site allows you to select countries and compare them on another country or a place of your choice. all you have to do is type the country you want to select in the search field.

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